As anyone in a leadership position knows, there is an abundance of guidance on what behaviors make an effective leader.  In fact, the accessibility of workshops, seminars, Ted Talks, podcasts, articles, books, social media, etc. on the topic of leadership is literally so much at the tips of our fingers that it can be overwhelming.  

Some common behaviors attributed to highly effective leaders include regularly seeking and giving feedback, taking responsibility, being collaborative, being supportive and being a good communicator. There are several other widely accepted leader behaviors, but one I have never encountered any mention of is “amplify.” 

This should be surprising, because leaders amplify all the time.  Whether consciously or subconsciously, everything a leader says and does is louder and more conspicuous than others in any organization.  That’s why I believe that a leader can have a huge impact on his/her team and the entire organization if decisions about who and what to amplify are made deliberately.

Here are some suggestions…

  • Give others the stage  – Simply stepping aside and allowing another member of the team to take the lead or talk about their area of expertise has huge benefits.  Inviting a member of the team to share their work on a podcast or in a video is another way to share the spotlight. Giving others a voice is empowering and increases their credibility.
  • Showcase others’ work – Retweeting a post, or better yet creating and sharing a post on whatever media available, demonstrates your approval, your kudos and your support. It also communicates to other stakeholders that you’re not the only one worth listening to.  
  • Continually refer to the mission, vision or strategic priorities – No one within an organization will do this more than the leader, and if you’re not doing it aggressively and continuously, these will not be the things others talk about.

These deliberate behaviors not only benefit the people or work being amplified.  These strategies and others you’ll come up with convey a depth of talent within an organization and can help grow affinity for its products, services or mission.  Last, and certainly not least, amplifying others is one of the most effective ways to convey humility and a commitment to service.

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