Driving a vehicle on the road requires a commitment–several commitments, actually.  One commitment is to follow the rules. Another commitment is to work with other motorists as they merge into our path or seek to exit. Still other commitments, perhaps more subtle, include not tailgating, not texting while we’re driving and not allowing our emotions to spill out when someone violates a commitment.

Driving also involves trust–trust that others will stay in their lane, follow the rules, and to make space for us when we merge. Commitments and trust are what help us to be safe, arrive at our destination, and literally keep things moving.

Commitments and trust are important in all areas of our lives, yet sometimes, we don’t fulfill them like we should.  After all, we are human and we are imperfect. Breaking daily commitments may not always be a matter of life or death, as it very well could be on the road. However, I do believe that breaking commitments and trust can slowly erode our sense of self-worth, and, worse yet, our relationships.

What if we took the responsibility to own all of the commitments in our daily lives as seriously as what we extend to people when we are driving?  How would that feel? How would it make others feel?

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