Panic Attack

Last Thursday, as I was reviewing my calendar, my heart sank.  My palms started to sweat, my heart raced, and I felt very much exactly the same way I felt as a child whenever I had been caught doing something I should not have.

After a bit of panic, I realized that my eyes had drifted downward and I was looking at the wrong week–a consequence of a year without the punctuation of my usual daily routines.

What had me alarmed was a notation on my calendar for what I believed at the time to be the prior day. Just like that time when I was summoned home because my parents found out my friends and I had rolled someone’s house the night before, I started to think of what possible excuse could I make.  It was terrifying.

You see, one of the most important notations on my calendar is “APD.”  By writing that, I realize that I just disclosed a secret trick that has kept me in good graces among the people with whom I work for years.  

APD is my super secret code for Administrative Professionals Day.  And as you can imagine, despite busy days and the occasional challenge, I would not be able to live with myself were I to overlook the opportunity to demonstrate my appreciation.  

Truth to be told, a few people in the category about which I am referring have saved me from countless blunders over the years.  They’ve sent me secret texts warning of an angry parent waiting for me so that I could brace myself,  interrupted meetings to give me an excuse to wrap-up ones that were lasting painfully longer than expected, been a confidant, an advocate, and so much more.

I am grateful that I didn’t miss the date after all.  However,  I am more grateful for every ounce of care and attention our administrative professionals employ every day.  They have a significant expertise that unites the technical aspects of their work with being an ideal team player, caring for colleagues, making sure everything runs smoothly and making my organization a great place to work.

If this is YOU, thank you.

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