Be Merry

Aside from the fact that it’s cold, the sun begins to set at 3:30, and it’s often impossible to find a parking space, this is my favorite time of the year. Sarcasm aside, the days when the snow is white on the ground, the sun is shining and the sky is blue conjures up all kinds of memories.

…Sneaking around the house looking for hidden presents…

…Finding one and then being told on Christmas Day it was from Santa…

…Skiing, snowshoeing, sledding…



…Seeing family…

…Wearing stay-at-home pants all day (who am I kidding, thats all year)..

I am sure your list is also bountiful.

I was walking Henry and Leland (our goldendoodles) and we stumbled upon a hill with a “free library” of sleds at the top.  Not wanting to let an opportunity pass, I grabbed the largest one and then plopped Henry in my lap and flew down the hill.  But then I realized two things–I’m a fifty something guy on a child-sized sled, and the larger dog was unaccounted for.  The ride was short-lived as Leland did her scud missile thing and toppled us over.

The lesson I learned was to think things through a little more.  But I was also reminded that we need to act young once in a while. We need to be exuberant like kids opening presents and sledding down hills. 

So, as we dive further into the holidays, take a few moments to act like a kid this holiday season. Consider it a gift to everyone who gets a laugh at your expense.

Be merry.

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