Sometimes you have to work at looking through the glass.

That may seem like an odd thing to say.  However, because of the pandemic, a lot of us have gotten accustomed to engaging with others on the other side of a glass or plexiglass shield.  This has made it challenging at times to discern the person on the other side from other objects reflected from the inside.

Like actually hearing what someone is saying at an athletic event or in a crowded bar, viewing others through all the visual noise in order to truly see them and connect with them is easier said than done. 

Unfortunately, this is not a new problem.  Being deliberate about listening to what others are saying versus thinking about a response has been a human struggle for centuries. So has being intentional about leaning in and looking someone in the eyes. We just have another lens through which to reflect.  Pun intended.

So, as the shields come down, let’s grab this opportunity to remember that communicating and connecting is multi-dimensional. Unencumbered by the two-dimensional screen that has protected us from other people’s crud, let’s allow this strange new reality to remind us to work harder in order to see one another.

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