More Galvanized

A while ago I wrote a blog entry titled, “Galvanized,” and described what I believe to be the next level on the continuum of organizational “greatness.”  If you have not seen that post, I encourage you to scroll deeper into my archives and check it out first.  

Recently, I stumbled upon an article describing the reasons why someone should choose galvanized steel for their next construction project. And it aligned perfectly with my previous assertion.  Here’s why:

Reason #1 – Low Initial Cost

  • Steel – Galvanized steel costs less than other types of treated steel. Other typical coatings are much more labor-intensive, resulting in a higher initial cost for contractors.
  • Organizations – It does not cost more to hire the ideal team player, and impassioned employees cost very little to train because they connect their purpose with their work from day one.

Reason #2 – Low Maintenance

  • Steel – Galvanized steel requires much less maintenance than other types of coated steel, saving you time and money that would be lost to repairs or replacement.
  • Organizations – Impassioned employees are self-directed and intrinsically motivated to support the organization’s goals.

Reason #3 – Reliable Performance

  • Steel – Galvanizing steel helps to increase the durability, reliability and predictability of the finished product.
  • Organizations – In an employee-centric culture, impassioned employees are eager, more productive, and will work twice as hard. 

Reason #4 – Long-Lasting

  • Steel – The life expectancy for galvanized steel is well beyond 50 years in a rural environment and 20-25 years or more in an extreme urban or coastal setting.
  • Organizations – In a culture that embraces employees’ purpose, passions, and creative interests, turnover is low and longevity is high.

Reason #5 – Self Healing

  • Steel – Galvanized coatings used on American steel contains automatic protection for areas that become damaged. The coating corrodes preferentially to the steel, working as sacrificial protection to any areas of the steel that are exposed through damage.
  • Organizations – Research has proven that people who know their purpose are more resilient and capable of handling challenges more effectively than those who do not.

As we all know, steel is strong–hence the phrase, “strong as steel.”  And great organizations, like steel, can become even greater (or stronger) when energy is focused on cultivating impassioned team members in addition to the bottom line.

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